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Jacqueline Heim

The Product Owner - Hidden Champion in the Scrum Team?

In agile product development, the product owner (PO) is one of the three key figures in the scrum team. He is responsible for the delivery of the product, ensures smooth process management with his methods and is supported in the development team by the scrum master. In contrast to the scrum master, the PO often stands in the background - also because of the supposed similarity to the role of the project leader. The project manager is responsible for achieving the project goals, while the product owner represents the interests of the customer as well as their requirements and expectations for the product.

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Nicola Prinz

Interview: The Balanced Learning Model as a basis for better qualification opportunities in the company and sustainable training successes

If you want to be an employer in the War for Talents, you need the right Learning Ecosystem to offer attractive and efficient - in short, better - qualification opportunities in your company in a world of digital natives. At the same time, a growing customer base and rapid technical and social developments are constantly placing new demands on the knowledge of employees. With the Balanced Learning Model, we have developed a model with which you and your team can master exactly these challenges. The result is improved learning processes and sustainable training success. We asked our expert Nicola Prinz about this topic.

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