We experience a world that is constantly changing, becoming more and more complex and in which changes are becoming more unpredictable – more and more drastically and faster and faster. Events are completely unexpected and the triggers of volatility or the extent of the fluctuation range are becoming increasingly difficult to assess.

In order to master the complexity and the resulting challenges, a balance between flexibility and stability is required. We call it: agility. For [bu:st], agility is not the same as Scrum.

For [bu:st], agility is not the same as Scrum. For us, agile does not mean replacing what already exists. Rather, methods and structures from all systems – classic, lean and agile – must be intelligently and dynamically integrated.

Successful, innovative companies can apply the optimal management and leadership methodology depending on the situation. This creates an agile dynamic that ensures the company’s success in the long term, even under changing conditions.


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  1. Project management: Excellent projects form the temporary, stabilizing nodes in agile organizations. Your projects are always at the center of our service. We actively support you in your tasks, work out results and take on operational tasks.
  2. Process management: Flowing, stable processes are the basis for functional value creation and a resilient organization. At [bu:st] group GmbH, process management means: development, optimization and implementation of processes for your current and future business models.
  1. Organizational development: In agile organizations that learn in a network, flexibility and stability are success factors for sustainable development. At the same time, the structure and organization must match projects and processes. We are experts in organizational development and support you with necessary changes – always with a focus on you and the people in your company.


We solve complex tasks.
With skill, tactfulness and experience.

1. Bridge capacity bottlenecks and lead complex and highly networked projects to success under tense framework conditions.
Thanks to the needs-based deployment of our project managers, you retain your flexibility in filling the project portfolio and at the same time ensure the success of the projects. Our project managers have methodical competence in project management and personal competence in project management. We follow your processes and standards or bring the necessary templates and tools with us.

2. Bundle information and lines of action centrally and ensure a uniform and efficient procedure.
Successful projects require efficient and professional project management. In particular, the interfaces to customers, employees and process partners require an overview and transparency in interplay with the complex framework conditions and requirements for the respective business case and economic stability. We will set up a project management office / PMO-as-a-Service for you, which as a central point provides uniform processes, standards and methods, takes care of the adaptation to the different requirements of the projects, relieves the project managers and controls the project portfolio.

3. Stabilize complex situations through functioning, efficient and smooth processes in the entire value chain.
We analyze and optimize your processes. Unnecessary waste is identified and eliminated. A holistic approach ensures the effect and contribution of process management to sustainable organizational development and corporate management.

4. Increase the ability to innovate, taking culture and operational implementation into account.
For a company it is of essential importance to be clear whether it is aiming for an incremental improvement of the previous core products and / or wants to change the entire core business with a disruptive innovation. According to the innovation orientation, both the normative, strategic and operational level must be taken into account.

5. Support the development and engagement of employees and managers through structures, mindsets and culture.
Organizations today are constantly changing everywhere at the same time. We believe that success in the future is based on the development and commitment of employees and managers. To do this, we use a model that describes the integral further development of organizations to the next level. This method helps us to perceive the existing organizational culture and to shape it consciously.

6. Dealing with people as individuals and with their relationship to one another and to the business and thus accompanying change and transformation.
Change is a management task. Our approach trains, supports and coaches managers in change, taking into account all the necessary perspectives: individual, team, manager and organization.

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