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We create real future spaces from your vision of the future. Organizational development with [bu:st].

Is your project and organizational environment constantly changing?

Are the structures and processes in your organization becoming more complex, but losing more and more simplicity and transparency?

You have already started various change projects, but they fizzled out after a certain amount of time?

Does your organization keep falling back into old behavior patterns?

These are just a few of the challenges we face in today’s work environment. A planned change in organizations usually starts with big resolutions, a lot of commitment and high investments. As soon as a concept has been found and implementation has started, many responsible persons or external consultants stop.

But right now it is crucial to stay tuned.

The new structures or behaviors must be firmly anchored in the overall organization: in existing structures, in the culture and in the thoughts and actions of every employee.

This is where our strength lies.

At the point where others stop changing, we put our focus. From our many years of experience in the project environment, we know how to successfully bring projects to their destination.

Together with teams, departments and organizations, we define a strong vision of the future and create real spaces for the future.

We create a future from your vision of the future

Our range of services includes five essential components for the successful design of future spaces.

With our [bu:st] approach, we further develop organizational cultures, structures and processes as well as working methods and the work environment integrally and design further development and learning processes. We support each of these change processes with state-of-the-art change management methods and integrate individual change projects into an overall change towards a new image of the future.

Shaping the future

Organization and Processes

We support you in setting up tailor-made structures and processes to achieve your goals

Accompanying Changes

Every change goes through different phases. As an organization, you should act and communicate in each of them in such a way that you get the people in your organization with you as best as possible. Reflection and a situational approach play a decisive role here. We support you with our proven procedure to steer safely through the change and to make it successful – from the planning to the implementation.

Each interest group needs to be involved in the change in an appropriate way. Managers often have different needs than their employees.

We offer you a wide range of options here. From creative workshops in which employees can work together on solutions for certain aspects of the desired change to executive coaching.

Begleitung von Veränderungen

Strategy Development

Together with you, we develop a coherent strategy to achieve your individual goals in the overall organization.

In interactive workshop formats, we help you break down the strategy across all areas and teams in your organization in order to lay the foundation for mutual success. We also support you in team strategy workshops in order to find creative strategic solutions from within the team.

Organizational Design

We help you to identify the individual cornerstones of your organization and to build functional and meaningful structures.

Clear structures create transparency and form the basis for achieving your corporate goals. Whether a clear line structure or holistic approaches. Together with you we will find the right design for you. To do this, we use creative methods such as Design Thinking or an Organizational Challenges Canvas.

Process Landscape

Fixing a bug in the software three weeks after it occurs takes 24 times longer than on the same day.

We create an efficient process landscape for you, geared towards your added value. Core processes are identified and the necessary supporting processes are established so that the former can be carried out in the best possible way. In this way, you can reduce errors or set standards so that you can start finding solutions as soon as they occur.

Working Model

If an employee is working on five projects at the same time, he must spend up to 75% of his working time on the context change.

We advise you on the choice of suitable working models and approaches. The needs and circumstances of your organization are in the foreground. Whether agile work environment or classic project organization – we can support you in both worlds and find the right solution for you and anchor it sustainably.

Further development & learning

We promote successful further development and learning in your organization with our approaches.


Organizational and individual learning is a fundamental prerequisite for successful change processes in a company.

In order that measures of a qualification strategy do not fizzle out senselessly, but have a lasting effect, learning incentives must be deeply anchored in a corresponding infrastructure via processes, methodology and learning process support. With our balanced learning model, we help you to approach implementation holistically. This ranges from setting the cornerstones of a learning organization such as systemic thinking or personal mastery to the use of specific online and offline learning materials in a blende learning concept.

Leadership Development

The demands on managers have increased and expanded significantly in recent years. Whereas 15 years ago the ideal manager was primarily measured by their professional and management skills, today additional skills such as transformation, communication and inspiration play a decisive role.

We enable you to identify the competencies required in your organization and to shape the development in your management team. To this end, we work with management workshops, training courses and offer individual coaching. In a change, we will help you build a strong leadership coalition.

Team Development

No matter in which company – teamwork and team thinking are the key to success.

In order to pull together as a team, a common mindset and a common vision are required. We enable you to develop an image of the future and to achieve this together as a team. To do this, we work with you on structural issues, such as a suitable work model, on cultural issues such as shared values, and on behavioral issues such as a joint team code of conduct, depending on the situation. The focus is on the contribution of each individual.


We help you to identify specific training needs in your organization and to implement a suitable training landscape. The focus is on the individual development opportunities of each individual. In addition to a management career, we will work with you to develop a specialist career in which employees can develop their full potential based on their strengths and interests. As an enabler, we also offer various training courses that enable you and your employees and managers to master the challenges of the future.


Together with you, we define who you want to be as an organization or a team.


Bringing structures and processes to life also means understanding the thinking model, the attitude and the orientation behind it.

The personal and also the common mindset of an organization are essential components for its success. We support you in recognizing and shaping your organization’s own mindset. Because the basic building block of successful cooperation is a common understanding.


Do you want to work successfully in a team, in your organization or with cooperation partners?

Successful cooperation is based on a common value system. We support you with suitable methods in developing one and accompany you in living the value system in reality. With teams, we develop e.g. a common team code of conduct in varied workshops.

Mission Statement

A jointly developed and well-formulated organizational model is action-guiding and motivating. It contains the self-image and basic principles of an organization and its members. The core aspects are:

Purpose: We support you in anchoring the meaning behind the strategy and the formalities in your corporate culture. Way (Mission): We rely on the participatory design of a common definition of the company’s mission. Impact (Vision): No more empty phrases. We help you to formulate your vision in a meaningful way in order to highlight the impact on the stakeholders and society.


You no longer want your success to depend on lone fighters in your organization, but want to promote a culture in which the team is the key to success?

Successful teamwork is based on shared values and a shared understanding. We support you in bringing this we-feeling to life in the teams of your organization and in laying the foundation for successful teamwork. For this purpose, we offer various team building measures that focus on fun, cooperation and communication.

Working Method & Working Enviroment

Together with you, we define tailor-made cooperation options and create the necessary basis.


In today’s corporate world, we are inundated with information and knowledge. It is becoming more and more difficult to filter out the relevant information, to set your own focus and to be in the here and now.

We support you and your employees in setting the focus correctly and distinguishing the limits of the possible from the potential.

Workplace Development

The quality of a work environment contributes significantly to the motivation of people and can be part or even the starting point for change processes.

Successful workplace design is based on a solid foundation of knowledge of the status quo and the target image of organizational culture, structure and communication and work processes. We accompany you in the transformation phase for tangible New Work with more customer orientation, more flexibility and more creative collaboration in the workplace


“Communication is key” – you hear this phrase all the time. But what does that mean?

Communication is omnipresent in today’s working world and therefore an essential part of collaboration and working methods. We support you in creating an authentic and transparent type of communication for your organization and in identifying suitable communication channels.

New Work

For us, New Work is not a trend term, but the heading for a future-oriented and meaningful way of working in organizations.

It is not only about the increasing importance of participation and collaboration, but also about flexibility and customer orientation. Together with you, we consider your organization as an overall picture of its interacting parts and people. We advise and support you from the identification of aspects that make sense for you in the sense of New Work to their successful implementation. We help, for example, to create structures that promote individual potential or bring customer orientation back into focus.

Organizations today are constantly changing everywhere at the same time. Success in the future will be based on looking at organizations as an overall picture and considering all possible interactions.

With our [bu:st] approach the
Organizational development …

… we don’t just describe changes on a big picture level, but make them specific: Which change projects should you initiate in order to achieve your target image?

No blind activism. Before we act, let’s start by understanding where your organization is today. [bu:st] Agile Dynamics makes it possible to recognize and understand the individual culture patterns of an organization. With this model, we create a basis for understanding organizations and their creators in order to enable successful further development. In order to achieve your target image, we work with you to derive meaningful change projects in order to develop your organization effectively and holistically towards this image.

… you achieve real change through the balanced and synchronized development of the essential building blocks of your organization that we manage.

From our point of view, real change is not possible if individual people or teams work in isolation on individual aspects in the organization. But real change is possible when you understand your organization as a whole, as a system. The secret of our [bu:st] approach to integral organizational development lies in the balanced and synchronized development of the essential building blocks of your organization paired with an integrated control of change through change management support. Let yourself be inspired by the individual components in our portfolio.

… encounter complexity in change projects with simplicity. Together with you, we design change processes through iterative procedures in small, quick steps.

Change projects are never strictly linear. Rather, changes are characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Our [bu:st] OE method addresses this fact with a simple but proven logic. We develop organizations with a flexible and iterative approach. Our formula for success is based on methods that are successful in practice, such as design thinking, as well as knowledge from various studies on the successful design of changes.

… make changes visible and applicable in practice and thus contribute significantly to your own company’s success.

Two of the most important key factors for change are the visibility of results and the applicability in one’s own work.

Our overall [bu:st] portfolio enables us to comprehensively implement these two key factors in organizations. We transfer our expertise in measuring success in project and process management to measuring success in change projects. Through our many years of work with a wide variety of projects, industries and customers, we have learned how different people work in daily business. Through this experience and our own continuous development, we and our methods and approaches can be connected to a wide variety of individual needs and challenges.

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