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We create real future spaces from your image of the future. Organizational development with [bu:st].

Your project and organizational environment is constantly changing?

The structures and processes in your organization are gaining in complexity, but losing more and more in simplicity and transparency?

You have already started various change projects, but after a certain time they have come to nothing?

Your organization keeps falling back into old behavior patterns?

These are just a few of the challenges we face in today’s working world. A planned change in organizations usually starts with great intentions, a lot of commitment and high investments. As soon as a concept is found and the implementation is started, many responsible persons or external consultants stop.

But this is exactly the time when it is crucial to stick with it.

The new structures or behaviors must be sustainably anchored in the entire organization: in existing structures, in the culture and in the thinking and actions of every employee.

This is where our strength lies.

At the point where others stop in a change, we set our focus. From our years of experience in the project environment, we know how to bring projects successfully to the finish line.

Together with teams, divisions and organizations, we define a strong image of the future and design real future spaces.

From your image of the future we create real future spaces

Our range of services comprises five essential building blocks for the successful design of future spaces.

With our [bu:st] approach, we develop organizational cultures, structures and processes as well as working methods and the working environment integrally and design further development and learning processes. We accompany each of these change processes with state-of-the-art change management methods and integrate individual change projects into an overall transformation towards a new image of the future.

Shaping future space

Our [bu:st] building block approach offers you a flexible range of solutions to build your successful future.

Accompanying organizational change

Every change goes through different phases. In each one, you as an organization should act and communicate in such a way that you bring the people in your organization along with you in the best possible way. Reflection and a situational approach play a decisive role here. We support you with our proven approach to safely navigate through the change and make it successful – from planning to implementation.

Each stakeholder group must be involved in the change in an appropriate way. Managers often have different needs than their employees.

We offer a wide range of options here. From creative workshops in which employees can work together on solutions for partial aspects of the desired change to executive coaching.

Organization & Processes

We support you in setting up customized structures and processes to achieve your goals.

How do we set up our organization?

Strategy development

Together with you, we develop a coherent strategy to achieve your individual goals in the overall organization.

Organizational Design

We help you identify the individual cornerstones of your organization and build functional and meaningful structures.

Process landscape

We create an efficient process landscape for you that is aligned with your value creation.

Working model

We advise you on the choice of suitable working models and approaches.

Development & Learning

We promote successful further development and learning in your organization with our approaches.

How do we want to develop further?


With our balanced learning model, we help you to approach implementation holistically.

Leadership development

We enable you to identify the competencies required in your organization and to shape the development of your management team.

Team development

We enable you to develop an image of the future and to achieve it together as a team.


We help you to identify specific training needs in your organization and to implement a suitable training environment.


We work with you to define who you want to be as an organization or team.

How do we want to be?


We support you in recognizing and shaping your organization’s own mindset.


We support you with suitable methods in developing one and accompany you in living the value system in reality.

Mission statement

We support you in anchoring the meaning behind the strategy and the formalities in your corporate culture.

Team building

We support you in bringing this sense of unity to life in the teams of your organization and in laying the foundation for successful teamwork.

Working method & working environment

Together with you, we define tailor-made options for cooperation and create the necessary basis.

How do we want to work together?


We support you and your employees in setting the right focus and distinguishing the limits of what is possible from the potential.

Workplace Development

We accompany you in the transformation phase for tangible New Work with more customer orientation, more flexibility and more creative cooperation in the workplace.


We support you in designing an authentic and transparent type of communication for your organization and in identifying suitable communication channels.

New Work

We advise and support you from the identification of aspects that make sense for you in terms of New Work to their successful implementation.

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