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The development of highly automated driving is unstoppable. Highly automated driving will have a major impact on the future of our mobility. According to an assessment by the Zukunftsinstitut, the self-driving car will become a place to stay where people can work and relax. New and innovative concepts in the interior will make this trend possible and further strengthen it – mobile living. However, there are still some technical and legal challenges to be mastered before the goal of comprehensive, autonomous mobility is achieved. The race for technological market leadership opens the playing field for new and well-known competitors.

Through projects with OEMs, 1st tier and 2nd tier suppliers, the [bu:st] group has extensive know-how around the development of autonomous driving systems and can offer tailor-made solutions depending on customer requirements.

Our experience ranges from the conception of suitable program and project structures to the creation of generic and specific structure, schedule and process plans for the development of autonomous driving and transport systems.

We implement our methods and concepts in classic and agile work models, taking into account the interfaces to all relevant company areas.

By controlling task force projects for various components (e.g. control units or lidar sensors) and planning the integration into complex overall systems, we successfully advance the development of autonomous technologies.

Transparency and communication are success factors in order to master the enormous complexity of the technology, the interfaces and the organizational and cooperation structures of highly automated driving.

The [bu:st] group creates the necessary transparency in the process organization by linking agile and classic work models. Within the projects, we establish targeted communication and thus ensure decision-making ability at all times in the project.

In the strongly networked and complex project landscape with the tension between hardware, software and function development, we create realistic project planning and ensure the synchronization of the projects in the multi-project landscape. In this way we create the basis for the structured integration of software versions and hardware samples at defined milestones in the overall system.

Due to the novelty, the development of autonomous systems often leads to unexpected problems. By setting up and managing dedicated task force teams, we help you to resolve these issues quickly and in a focused manner and to bring them back into the regular project structure.

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