The world is becoming more and more complex, unpredictable and volatile. In this environment, the continuous development of our own employees and managers is the most sustainable strategy for strengthening the future viability of the company and securing innovation and competitive advantages on the market.

Corporate learning must be effective, efficient and consistent with the corporate strategy. A flexible and modern training program enables employees to use their motivation, performance and individual skills in the best possible way for the company.

In its company history, the [bu:st] group has placed great value on continuous and professional training of its own employees from the very beginning. All trainers have received intensive internal and external training and have extensive methodological and didactic training.

Theory is the foundation; in addition, we also attach great importance to practical expertise. Our trainers have many years of consulting or industry experience and impart knowledge not only from theory and literature, but especially from their own vita. The [bu:st] -Academy draws on a wealth of experience of over 2,000 successfully completed projects that has grown over decades. With modern learning and training concepts, we ensure that the added value for the participants is always in the foreground.

Our training design is based on three standards:

1. Participant
What motivates our participants to take part in the training?
How can we best support their learning path?

2. Goals
What are the goals of our participants?
Which goals are derived from this for our training?

3. Competencies
Which skills are needed for long-term success?
Which methods best promote competence building?

Sustainably develop competencies that ensure success

The [bu:st] Academy offers qualifications in the areas of project implementation, agility and strategic development and is available for all topics as a course or as an individual solution. In addition, we also support our customers in the further development of their qualification processes.

1. Trainings and courses

In our interactive training courses, we empower employees and managers from operational implementation to strategic portfolio development. For each topic, be it agile project management or organizational development, we impart specific knowledge as well as best practices from our wealth of experience. Participants are encouraged to integrate methods and tools from each training course directly into their own day-to-day work. This ensures lasting learning success.

We offer our training courses as company-specific individual training sessions or courses – online, at our customers’ premises or in our modern facilities. We help customers to identify specific training needs and to design and implement a customized training program.

2. Qualification processes

The [bu:st] group supports you in the further development of your qualification processes. We empower internal knowledge brokers through “train the trainer” courses and help qualification managers to design and implement a suitable training landscape for employees and managers.

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