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The [bu:st] group supports you and your teams in the operative business and empowers your organization in the subject areas relevant to you.
Our aim is to offer you excellent projects, to implement flowing and stable processes in a sustainable manner and to build an agile and learning organization for you.

We are convinced that successful companies need a balance between strategic business development, lean processes and excellent implementation as a basis. In order to achieve this, you need a strategic business design on the one hand, and excellent implementation as well as employee development tailored to the needs on the other.

In addition to business strategies and product portfolios, we understand strategic business design as a defined work model with coordinated roles and responsibilities. The basis for all of this is the brand and the purpose of the company.

Organizations can only be successful if they have established an excellent implementation. This includes both classic and agile approaches as well as hybrid models. An excellent implementation offers both stability and flexibility.

The basis for the success of a company, however, is made up of capable and motivated employees. This requires employee development tailored to the organization and a defined employee journey in which employees recognize their perspectives and can develop their potential to the maximum.


Holistic, sustainable approach for your company’s success

Flowing, stable processes

are the basis for functional value creation and a resilient organization.

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Excellent Projects

form the temporary and stabilizing nodes in agile organizations.

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Sustainable employee development

arises through flexibility and stability in networked, learning, agile organizations.

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