The introduction of electrical components into the drive train and the transformation of a key industry from combustion to electric drive was and remains an enormous challenge for both automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. So far, the challenge has been to enter the market early. Meanwhile, the further development of the technology and making it efficient as well as operating profitably on the market are in the foreground. The [bu:st] group advises automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the design of the development processes behind the technology and in operational project management to successfully and robustly transfer products to series production and thereby successfully master the path of the technological transition in the electrification of the drive train.

We provide operational and advisory support from the development of a product platform through the development phase to industrialization.

Conceptual design, technology development, component availability for an area in which there is so far little experience, open up one of the most exciting development areas of the last decades for both automobile manufacturers and suppliers and which offers the potential to open up new customers and markets.

For our customers, we offer in-depth experience in the full and partial electrification of the drive train from almost 10 years of product development and series introduction of both components and complete systems at automobile manufacturers and suppliers and are therefore an important building block for our customers in tapping the potential of this technological change.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, we are convinced of that. Therefore, together with you as the customer, we analyze each project individually in order to understand the specific challenges and then to develop individual solutions with the help of experience, knowledge and methods.

In addition to brilliant ideas, efficient development strategies are indispensable in order to be able to react flexibly to market requirements and to bring a mature and robust product into series production. Together with our customers, we design these solutions and set the right priorities.

In order to successfully bring new technology to the market when the requirements are unclear, a platform design is necessary in which we support you as the customer from the precise description of the target to the common parts strategy, to develop a robust and variable basis in order to serve a broad derivatives landscape.

Thanks to our understanding of the point of view of both the automobile manufacturer and the supplier, we know the challenges in the development of mechanical, hardware and software systems. In this way, we can promote understanding of increasingly complex products in projects.

We are neither technology-loving nor dependent on company orientations, but focus together with you on the design and implementation and thus offer an independent picture.

Our multi-layered experience in operational project management, in electrification and drivetrain projects, makes us flexible for our customers, from task force topics to long-term improvement topics.

We offer you access to a wealth of experience in the organization and implementation of e-mobility projects. We are continuously expanding this wealth of experience with our strong internal network.

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