Balanced Learning Model

As experts in organizational development and project management, we support you with necessary changes – this also applies to internal qualification processes. As pragmatic and agile as necessary, as individual as possible, but always with the focus on increasing the performance of your employees.

Training needs that are derived from the corporate strategy are opposed to actual requirements from everyday practice. The Balanced Learning Model brings both directions together and minimizes unnecessary expenditure of time and money.

An attractive training program is not only the key to corporate success, it also makes a significant contribution to employee loyalty. The balanced learning model coordinates all the decisive factors with one another – for optimal performance of your employees.

Increase in performance through support in the learning process

Knowledge acquired in training courses leads to short-term learning success. In practice, however, there is often no increase in performance. The implementation of training content must be part of the optimal learning process. Those responsible for qualification and managers must become facilitators of the learning process on the way from knowledge to ability – in the spirit of lifelong learning.

Make the learning success of training courses measurable

An extensive training landscape is not yet a guarantee for sustainable further development of employees. Only a measurable proof of effectiveness helps to identify gaps, to close target group-oriented and to increase the relevance for everyday practice.

Improve the quality of internal training

Letting internal employees hold training courses has many advantages from a technical point of view. But there is often a lack of innovative practices to impart knowledge and anchor it sustainably. We will show you how you can improve internal training courses using targeted methods without having to certify employees as trainers.


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