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Operational project management as well as the implementation of increasingly complex and highly networked projects with a limited budget in a short time is the basis of our advice. In addition, trends such as digitization, connectivity and ever faster developing technologies must be taken into account.

Only those who can combine the further development of innovative technology with the implementation of excellent projects will survive in the market in the medium term.

We meet these growing requirements with our proven project management methods. We combine the best of both worlds – agile and classic – into a hybrid project management approach that is specifically tailored to you as the customer.

Our service follows a logically comprehensible sequence of Individual steps – regardless of complexity and size of your project.

The [bu:st] method describes the transfer of existing project management standards into an operational method to …

  • to set up sustainable and flexible project planning
  • Solve problems efficiently and effectively
  • Implement solutions sustainably

The [bu:st] project managers use these methods in their projects in a meaningful combination that is appropriate for the respective situation – for better projects and results.

Project management with the [bu: st] group is more than just achieving goals. It is also the management of personal relationships. Leadership competence in the project is part of our service and an integral part of the qualification of all [bu:st] project managers.

Holistic project management

  • Methodical competence in project management
  • Personal competence in project management
  • Networking of project, organization and customers across different locations and time zones
  • Detailed knowledge of the customer processes
  • Project management as a core process for realizing added value

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Portfolio Project Management

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