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Decentralized, digital, renewable – companies in the energy sector are facing extreme challenges. For the development and successful implementation of solution strategies, the existing know-how must be integrated into an agile development process, as the requirements and regulations are constantly changing. Companies that cannot integrate the system change into their organization at short notice run the risk of losing touch. The [bu:st] group GmbH supports you in the development of sustainable products for successful placement on the energy market.

Sustainable transformation in the energy industry through the expertise of the [bu:st] group 

As experts in project management, we work with you as a customer to develop individual solution concepts for your challenges. After planning and initialization, we will continue to support you in order to implement the solutions in successful products. We use our more than 20 years of experience in various industries. At the same time, we are careful to anchor change processes sustainably in companies so that a step-by-step transformation to more efficient processes can also succeed in the long term. We know that nothing can and should be changed in the energy industry in the short term.

We have anchored our expertise from 20 years of project management in the [bu:st] method. This holistic project management method ensures that a targeted solution is found in complex development projects. We start with a common picture of the future and work together with our customers to work out the path to a successful project in nine steps. This method is based on experience from more than 1,000 projects in a wide variety of industries. Our approach serves us as “best practice” and is individually adapted to the customer’s challenges by our on-site project managers.

In addition to operational project management, personal relationships are also a priority for us. We also see leadership competence as part of the service and as an important success factor, which is why this competence is part of the qualification of every [bu:st] project manager.

Our recipe for success for sustainable transformation is called Agile Dynamics and means, instead of introducing agile processes as standard, adapting agile methods that match the corporate culture so that they also lead to real improvements. In the energy industry, planning security and reliability are virtues that should not be neglected – especially not in organizational development.

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