Keep Distance – Stay Together: Maintain Virtual Team Cohesion with Empathetic Leadership and Targeted Methodology.

In the face of the “crisis without a blueprint”, employees are experiencing great insecurity not only in their private lives but also at work – “new work” is real from one day to the next. The people in a team are the ones who let employees go to work, even if it’s not so much fun at times. From one day to the next, you as a manager must be able to trust that team cohesion also functions virtually – for mental resilience in the team and for economic survival. Read in six sections how to maintain virtual team cohesion with empathic leadership and targeted methodology..

  • 100% virtual in a crisis situation – Why even power teams are at risk.
  • To achieve goals, you have to reach people.
  • The three dimensions that are decisive for virtual team cohesion when leading at a distance.
  • Use project management methods to show leadership and actively promote virtual team cohesion.Maintaining and building trust through transparency
  • Compensate missing, personal encounters through communication
  • Keeping the rhythm as good as possible (including an overview of formal and informal communication formats for online mapping and supplementing the otherwise offline formats)
  • Agile method example for strengthening virtual team cohesion
  • Professionalism meets humanity: Virtual cohesion extends beyond the team and beyond your own organisation.

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