Agile Dynamics

Agility is a megatrend. Companies expect solutions to many of their problems from agile methods. In fact, there are good reasons to work agile: Digitization and globalization are changing entire industries and challenging companies to change their products, processes and structures. We support you in your transformation towards an agile corporate culture.

[bu:st] supports you in your agile organizational development. In doing so, we not rely on our practical experience in the customer environment, but also on our internal development – we don’t just talk about agility, we are an agile, networked, learning organization ourselves and act and work accordingly authentically. At the same time, you benefit from our many years of experience in project and process management. With all challenges that organizational development brings with it, we attach great importance to cooperative partnership and good relationships.

Agility is a necessary requirement for realizing customer-oriented solutions in a volatile environment and making the complexity manageable. To do this, companies have to manage the balance between strategic business development, lean processes and excellent implementation.

The [bu:st] group calls this approach Agile Dynamics and represents a variant of Spiral Dynamics reduced to five memes and transferred in terms of management methods and tools. These five memes or management methods range from directive to integrative.

Create an agile corporate culture

In contrast to many other management consultancies, the [bu:st] group does not pursue the approach to enforce agile frameworks. We rely on individual and integrating solutions, taking culture and value system into account.

By analyzing and recognizing which leadership culture prevails in your projects or your organizational structure, our consultants can individually combine the appropriate methods and thus optimally accompany and sustainably improve your projects. At the same time, you benefit from the extensive know-how of the [bu:st] specialists in agile transformation. The result is a corporate culture in which, depending on the situation, the optimal management and leadership method can be applied. This creates an agile dynamic that ensures the company’s success in the long term, even under changing external and internal framework conditions.

Agile transformation based on best practices

Agile Dynamics is based on the concept of Spiral Dynamics. This describes human evolution in a far-reaching model in eight color-coded value systems. [bu:st] Agile Dynamics is a variant of Spiral Dynamics focused on five memes and transferred in terms of management methods and tools, with which we can accompany the agile transformation of your company.

Introduce agile methods correctly

In a VUCA* world, agile working methods seem to be the solution to many of these challenges. However, there is a risk of a general, hasty or only partial introduction of Scrum and Co. and thus an introduction of “Fake Agile”.

The solution: integration instead of substitution

For [bu:st], agility is not the same as Scrum. Agile does not mean replacing what already exists. Rather, methods from all systems – classic and agile – must be integrated intelligently, dynamically and flexibly. We call this model Agile Dynamics.

*VUCA: Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity

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