Aerospace Industry

A far-reaching process of change from mass transport to individual passenger and freight transport can be seen in the aerospace industry. Corresponding flying objects should be offered on the market as cheaply as possible. Whether flying taxis, drones or mini launcher missiles: They all require precise technology and efficient project implementation from the concept to test flight objects and approval procedures through to series production. By establishing lean processes and a targeted selection of materials, manufacturing costs can be minimized.

Knowledge transfer beyond the aerospace industry

As consultants and operational project managers, we have extensive experience from various projects with national and international scope. We systematically compare our knowledge in the field of aerospace with the methods and best practices of other industries in order to offer the best possible solution approaches. Depending on the task, we work closely with colleagues from process management and organizational development in order to make your project a success under a 360-degree perspective.

Lowering development costs

Low product development costs are a decisive competitive factor, especially for the aerospace industry. We support you at an early stage in the development process with a tailor-made opportunity and risk concept. With the help of cost-down methods, opportunities are identified, prioritized and implemented at an early stage. Risks are thus proactively managed and minimized.

Improve the achievement of project goals

With the [bu: st] group GmbH you have a partner at eye level. We understand what is important in the project. Starting with the project initialization, we help you to define and document your project goals and requirements. Based on a holistic approach, the [bu: st] group GmbH manages your project through to completion. Lessons learned and templates for follow-up projects are developed. Our work and our methods are designed not only to generate short-term profits, but to ensure long-term success.

Get to market faster

The time-to-market will be significantly reduced. Keeping the time it takes to launch an innovation short is one of the most important success factors for both products and services and is directly reflected in monetary terms. In order to shorten the time-to-market, we help you to reduce the product development process to a minimum with our good practice methods and to steer the critical path cleanly. Benefit from our knowledge of scheduling processes and tools. Whether classic, hybrid or agile project management – benefit from our experience and let us advise you in the selection of your working model. Your employees will be accompanied through the change in order to achieve sustainable success.

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