Process Management

In a complex, fast-moving world, it is particularly important to be transparent about who is doing what, when, with whom and how. Existing and established work processes lead to a certain routine and inertia. Anyone who wants to break out of the established patterns must constantly find new and better ways and reduce waste.

With in-depth knowledge and an objective point of view, you support the [bu:st] consultants in uncovering weaknesses and optimization possibilities as well as minimizing waste. The expertise that has grown from practice is used in process analyzes, process optimization and process design.

At the [bu:st] group, the hands-on mentality means that the order does not begin with the handover of the modeled process, but that the main part of our service only begins here. The implementation of processes is usually associated with a change process in the company. As a networked, learning organization, the [bu:st] process management specialists fall back on the expertise of their colleagues from organizational development.

[bu:st] stands for a holistic approach to creating, implementing and rolling out measures and methods. At the same time, the specialists from project management provide operational support in day-to-day processes in order to streamline and optimize your processes.

The foundation of the [bu:st] process management is the LEAN mindset and a holistic view. The focus is on identifying and minimizing waste. By observing these basic principles, the [bu:st] process management specialists have developed a mindset to learn from the experiences of colleagues, because knowledge is the only good that increases when it is shared.

1. Process analysis
Existing processes and actions are made transparent and understandable. We attach particular importance to thorough and comprehensive data collection and interpretation – both quantitatively and qualitatively.

2. Process optimization
The adaptation of existing processes takes place according to lean principles. Waste is avoided, effectiveness and efficiency increased.

3. Process design
In process design, mature and coordinated processes are created without any gaps. Structures that have evolved over time are questioned and arranged in a way that is oriented towards added value.

4. Process visualization
We design application-oriented visualizations for the sustainable and binding implementation of process descriptions. We are guided by recognized standards and also implement company-specific requirements.

5. Process organization
To ensure continuous process improvement, we support our customers in defining and implementing an agile process management organization.

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