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Employee development in companies faces a variety of challenges. Well-known questions such as the sustainability of training programs and lifelong learning will always have their raison d’etre.

There are also new aspects that can be described as consequences for employee development from the VUCA* world: The increasing number as well as the complexity and short life of the topics call for more specialization and at the same time for employees who have the big picture in mind.

The advancing digitization demands even more interaction between humans and machines in everyday work and will also find its way into employee development. Despite these strong tendencies towards technologization and new work, it is still about him – the human being – with his individual needs for psychological safety and a “safe haven” in which he can continuously develop in the midst of all the agility.

* VUCA: Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity

The [bu:st] group combines innovative concepts of employee development with many years of experience in project and process management in different organizational forms.

For our customers, we develop industry and company-specific concepts in management and team development and are experts in dealing with both classic and agile corporate cultures.

Our offer is aimed at entire organizations, individual teams, but also at the individual.

We support a wide range of topics: from executive and employee coaching to the development of leadership programs as well as qualification and training landscapes to the design of blended learning and lifelong learning concepts.

Our [bu:st] Balanced Learning Model, developed on the basis of scientific knowledge and many years of practical experience, forms our implementation model.

Save time and money

through tailor-made, targeted development programs for managers and employees.

Communicating to employees why and where an organization has to develop is crucial for individual and team-based learning success. On the basis of the corporate goals, there are learning goals for each employee, to which relevant training programs based on the employee’s level of development contribute. We support the involvement of executives in order to ensure the accuracy of the program content, the checking for effectiveness and the bridging from theory to practice – so that no employee is “in vain” in a training course. Get to know our implementation model [bu:st] Balanced Learning Model!

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Achieve a significant increase in performance by accompanying the learning process and embedding it in organizational structures and processes.

The involvement of managers as a bridge from theory to practice is a key factor in bringing employees from knowledge to ability. Support your managers in accompanying the learning process with impulses through organizational structures, procedural anchoring and a wide range of different forms and means of learning. We support you in establishing a balanced blended learning concept from digital to present; from group learning to personal coaching formats.

Create a culture of lifelong learning

through knowledge of your organizational culture patterns.

Learning and further development is the basis of every culture and, conversely, is reflected in the organisation’s own learning culture. The design of learning processes is particularly sustainable if it takes up the specifics of your corporate culture. [bu:st] Agile Dynamics makes it possible to recognize and understand the individual culture patterns of an organization. With this model, we create a basis for understanding organizations and their creators in order to turn their own culture into a culture of lifelong learning in the long term.

Make learning success visible and measurable

Just as the success of projects can be measured in project management, learning success can be measured in employee development.

We use our findings from the measurement of success in project management and successfully transfer this to a measurable proof of effectiveness in the development of employees.

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