12 steps to successfully manage your projects „remotely“ in crisis situations

An unexpected situation like the shutdown due to the corona virus (COVID-19) forces you and your project team to work 100% remotely. These three basic principles will help you now: Transparency, Communication and Rhythm. We have summarized in 12 steps how you can continue to manage your projects successfully, just now „remote“.

These three basic principles will help you now


Helps you explore the situation.


Helps you to recognize and understand.


Creates structure and therefore safety.

In this manual we have summarized the 12 most important steps:

  1. Self-organization
  2. Ensure the communication skills of all project team members
  3. Conduct a kick-off meeting for „remote work“ with your project team
  4. Hold your first rule meeting with your project team
  5. Create checklist for all following virtual rule meetings
  6. Assign how each individual deals with assigned work packages
  7. Establish culture and atmosphere
  8. Determine the project controller’s special responsibility in the remote team
  9. Communicate
  10. Obtain communication and collaboration tools
  11. How do you delegate correctly?
  12. Are you an executive?

Many successfully implemented remote projects [bu:st] wishes you!

Torsten Graner

Corporate Communication

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