Bu:st ProzessManagement

The [bu:st] Method – Process Management

Process management with [bu:st]: analysis, optimization, and implementation of sustainable and practical processes based on experiences gained in successful customer projects.

[bu:st] Process Management
  • 1. Process Analysis
    Existing processes and actions are made transparent and understandable. In doing so, we place an emphasis on thorough and comprehensive data collection and interpretation – both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  • 2. Process Optimization
    The adaptation of existing processes is based on Lean principles. Waste is avoided, while effectiveness and efficiency is increased.

  • 3. Process Design
    In process design, mature and coordinated processes are created without gaps. Evolutionarily grown structures are questioned and arranged in a value-added-oriented way.

  • 4. Process Visualization
    For the sustainable and binding implementation of process descriptions, we design application-oriented visualizations. In doing so, we lean on recognized standards and implement company-specific requirements.

  • 5. Process Organization
    To ensure continuous process improvement, we help our clients define and implement an agile process management organization.

The interaction of design thinking, lean management, and agile development.

The "DOING" is a core element of our services.

[bu:st] Process
  • Action
    Operational implementation in the project, processes, and the organization.

  • Observe
    and establish proximity to the current situation in the projects.

  • Understanding the Challenge
    Identify management and working model, collect requirements, and limitations.

  • Prioritize the Core issues 
    to solve the challenges in the project successfully. 

  • Improve
    processes, methods, tools, and templates in the ongoing project.

  • Establish 
    for sustainable implementation in the organization and the working model.

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