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The [bu:st] Method – Organizational Development

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Our proven method is the optimal base for a sustainable growth of your company.

Organizational development at [bu:st] means the creation of future development areas and change plans within your company.

Transform your company towards an agile learning organization – we will boost your organization.

[bu:st] Organization
  • 1. Analysis
    In your organization, we analyze the current situation and create a comprehensive overview of your culture, organizational structure and your internal cooperation. Therfore we use various methods: individual interviews, anonymous surveys, and workshops on all levels.

  • 2. Optimization
    Based on the results of the analysis, we develop a detailled roadmap together with your teams.
    Results are:
    - improved leadership competence
    - Managers become coaches
    - Agile and resultoriented high performances teams

  • 3. Change Management
    Successful organizational development requires a structured process of change. We believe that success is based on the development and commitment of your people and leaders. Therefore all those involved in the planned changes will be trained: individuals, teams and management level.

Our services are based on methods that are pretty simple and help you to master the complexity in your projects.

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