[bu:st] Agile Dynamics

The [bu:st] Model – Agile Dynamics

[bu:st] Agile Dynamics - Spiral Dynamics

For [bu:st], agility is not just Scrum.

Agile does not mean to substitute existing methods. Rather, methods from all systems - classic and agile - should be integrated in an intelligent, dynamic and flexible way. [bu:st] calls this hybrid project management model "Agile Dynamics".

[bu:st] Agile Dynamics is a variant of Spiral Dynamics that has been reduced to five so called "memes" and transferred in terms of management methods and tools.

Red: Directive Meme - Problem Solver & Leadership Quality

The project is ablazing and the entire organization is in "firefighting mode". Those in charge expect attention and command the team with their authority. In turn the team shows loyalty and absolute trust towards the executives. Everything is done to achieve the goal - without regard to existing rules or standardized processes. Management determines the necessary (temporary) processes at its own discretion. In such constellations, neither agile methods nor the insistence on standards would help. Instead, it is better to work in task force mode in order to use the entrepreneurial and reactive strengths of this meme. Our consultants and specialists offer operational support and e.g. help to ensure the delivery of sample parts or make the project budget and resource situation transparent. At the same time, stabilizing elements are introduced: communication, transparency and rhythm help to ensure that the next project does not catch fire in first place.

[bu:st] Agile Dynamics - Directive
[bu:st] Agile Dynamics - Regulatory

Blue: Regulatory Meme - Experts & Compliance

Regulatory organizations are distinguished by a pyramidal hierarchy. Thinking happens at the top, execution below. Everyone knows what is expected. Clear rules and replicable processes make projects predictable. Elements of classic project management build on a regulatory basis. This includes structured meetings, detailed schedules, reporting standards and processes as well as a consistent pursuit of requirements, pre-defined goals and tasks. Our consultants are specialists in project management and not only have sound technical knowledge, but also many years of industry experience in the development of technical products. In addition to the operational support of such customer projects, our services also focus on organizational development through methodical support and improvement of tools, processes and structures.

Orange: Innovative Meme - Founder & Competition

Organizations that are faster, smarter and more innovative than others achieve more success, profits and market share. Many of today's management practices are shaped by this meme. Projects are the machines in the pursuit of improvement and profit. To innovate more and faster than others and secure a competitive advantage, practices and structures are needed that challenge and foster the intelligence and creativity in the organization. The [bu:st] Balanced Learning Model, for example, focuses on the sustainable improvement of employee performance. The introduction of lean principles and ways of thinking is also a building block of the [bu:st] portfolio in order to eliminate waste in projects and companies and thus give the organization time for innovation and productivity. We attach particular importance to a holistic, in-depth approach.

[bu:st] Agile Dynamics - Innovative
[bu:st] Agile Dynamics - Collective

Green: Collective Meme - Specialists & Relationship

The organization is seen as a community or even a large family. The opinion and input of each individual team member as well as the well-being are important for the overall success of the projects. There is a desire for empowerment of employees and thus a shift of decisions from the hierarchy to the team level. These self-responsible teams decide in the project how and which workload is to be distributed and which step is to be done next. However, implementing decentralization and empowerment on a large scale is not an easy task. In the worst case, striving for consensus results in confusion and paralysis of the projects. We support you in creating a corporate culture that is dynamic and empowering. As specialists for agile frameworks, our consultants assist with the introduction of (project management) methods such as Sprint Review, Planning Poker or Scrum Boards, or act as certified Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches.

Yellow: Integrative Meme - Entrepreneurs & Entirety

Open thinking and flexibility have top priority in these projects and structures. Differences and conflicts are seen as opportunities and get clarified in the "flow". Change is recognized as an important and constant component of the organization. Those responsible organize their work in networked and agile teams. That being said, it is about the ability and culture to apply the relevant and most appropriate method in the most diverse situations. It does not mean that only one method or meme is considered correct, but that in many cases a method mix or hybrid model will be the best solution for your project management. Only the organization that knows and understands all memes can react "yellow", i.e. flexibly and dynamically to the challenges of VUCA - we support them on this evolutionary path.

[bu:st] Agile Dynamics - Integrative
[bu:st] Agile Dynamics - agile Corporate Culture

Creating an agile corporate culture

Unlike many other management consultancies, [bu:st] does not follow the approach of introducing agile frameworks with the crowbar. We focus on individual and integrating solutions taking culture and value systems into account.

By analyzing and recognizing the memes in which the customer's projects or organizational structure are located, our consultants can individually combine the appropriate methods and thus optimally accompany and sustainably improve the projects. At the same time, clients benefit from the extensive know-how of [bu:st] specialists in agile transformation. The result is a corporate culture in which the optimal management and leadership methodology can be applied depending on the situation. This results in an agile dynamic that ensures the long-term success of the company even under changing external and internal conditions.

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