Transparency, Communication and Rhythm

Excellent project management stands out from good project management through a holistic method, experience and attention to the important details.

Only with the right combination can planned and unplanned, desired and absolutely necessary changes be implemented in the company. A concrete description of the underlying problem is often the best starting point.

One of the main tasks of our project management method in complex projects is to master the complexity. Three steps help: transparency, communication and rhythm.

The first step is to make the complexity of the relationships visible. This creates transparency that helps in exploring the situation. Communication then serves as the key to recognizing and understanding the situation. The relationships between all those affected play a decisive role in this. Last but not least, a rhythm is needed to deal with the complex problems. This creates security and stability.

No matter how complex a project is, with the [bu:st] project management method we organize the chaos. Because the world is only apparently chaotic. Ultimately, it’s just complex.


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