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The [bu:st] Method - Project Management

For us, project management is more than just achieving targets. It is also about managing relationships.

  • Our objective in customer projects is to bring into fruition increasingly complex and highly interlinked projects, which may be facing tightening time frames or limited budgets
  • Operational project management is the foundation of [bu:st]’s consulting approach
  • The ability to master complex relationship networks is a critical factor for successful projects
  • These necessary relationship management skills within projects is a key part of the [bu:st] service and therefore an integral part of the qualification of each project manager at [bu:st]

No matter how big and complex your project might be – our consulting follows a methodical approach through service products.

[bu:st] PM
1. Future Picture

Align requirements and expectations with the customer and project team

2. Targets

Derive targets based on requirements, define sub-goals

3. Prioritization

Break up complexity, identify key problems, and summarize tasks in work packages

4. Roadmap

Define timeline and milestones

5. Process Environment / Enabler

Define necessary processes

6. Team & Tasks, Competences, Responsibilities

Assemble team and define roles and responsibilities

7. Communication and Escalation

Implement communication and escalation processes

8. Report, Status

Project status with assessment, history, show prognosis with necessary actions

9. Actions, C&R,Decisions

Provide options for action, collect and evaluate chances and risks, make decision or request decisions

We constantly develop our tools and methods and tailor them to each project.

Bu:st Method Logo The [bu:st] Method
  • Total project management method
  • Goal-oriented solutions in complex development projects
Communication Management
  • Clear communication and working model
  • Efficient meetings
  • Complete documentation
  • Consistent task tracking
Time & Schedule Management
  • Identification of critical path
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Ensuring implementation of the schedule
Reporting Management
  • Reduction of reporting expenses
  • Tracking and displaying all important parameters in the project
  • Optimal use of capacities
Potential & Risk Management
  • Potential opportunities / risks are identified, assessed and prioritized at an early stage
  • Targeted management of the solutions
Target Management
  • Understanding of the common goal
  • The degree of achievement attained is always transparent
  • Objectives are persistently pursued
Change Control
  • Manage changes at an early stage
  • Avoid costly changes
  • Rapid implementation through status monitoring
Quality Management
  • Thorough quality planning
  • Complete quality assurance
  • Targeted quality control
  • Continuous quality improvement
Data Management
  • Define relevant data
  • Evaluate information
  • Ensure transparent and up-to-date data synopsis
Supplier Management
  • Improvement of the cost situation
  • Reduce supply chain disruptions
  • Reduction of control effort
Configuration Management
  • Establish requirements
  • Manage requirements
  • Control complexity
  • Ensure acheivement
Project Method Management
  • Analyze the project environment and conditions
  • Choose the right project management approach: combine classic, agile or both worlds in the [bu:st] hybrid model
  • Know the right methods for implementing projects

The [bu:st] Method is a combination of four essential modules. Each module is necessary and will improve project performance.

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  • Planning

    Complex problems can often be broken down in small, short projects. To ensure overall success, these sub-projects should be  handled in the same manner as big, long projects.

  • Implementation

    A sustainable solution is characterized by its implementation and acceptance on the operational level.

  • Problem solving

    Solving problems is a part of everyday life in a project. Therefore, a standardized method is needed to efficiently and effectively solve the problem.

  • Bu:st Projektmanagement Bu:st Prozessmanagement Bu:st Organisationsentwicklung Standards

    Stardardizaion is important for the implementation of best practice in successful projects:
    - Methods
    - Templates
    - Tools
    - Best Practices
    - Lessons Learned

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