Purpose – Way – Impact

In an increasingly complex world, identification is required – internally and externally. The Purpose-Way-Impact Philosophy was developed in cooperation with many employees from various areas. It is what drives us, it gives us orientation and direction.


Our purpose describes the change that we want to bring to the world.
Our purpose…
• is the real reason for the existence of [bu:st]
• inspires our employees and gives their work meaning
• is the problem that [bu:st] wants to solve

“We make VUCA* controllable for people and organizations.”

*VUCA: Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity


Our Way is the unique way we implement change. The way…

• is inspired by our culture and values
• reflects our strategy and our behavior
• is the path to our purpose

“We live and shape changes dynamically and flexibly. We develop people and teams, create experts in agility and transform complexity into a controllable system through transparency, communication and rhythm. “


Our impact is the ultimate effect our organization has on the world and the lives of others.

“If we reduce the complexity for people, the view of the essentials becomes clearer and working life becomes more fulfilling.”

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