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As the [bu:st] group, we have already successfully demonstrated our expertise in project management, product management and process consulting in numerous development projects for motor and sailing yachts. Our consultants in the yacht building industry are experts in their field and know how to expand and improve your market position. From the idea to the implementation, we lead you to success through efficient and professional project management.

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Coordinated corporate and product strategies, which we create together with you, are the first step in a product development process.

Even during the development of a yacht, we focus on series production in order to ensure that it is produced in line with price and quality. At the same time, the quality of the individual components and thus of the entire yacht is significantly increased through the early and sustainable integration of the suppliers in the development process.

Continuous support for the product, from strategy to product development to PR activities, are part of the scope of successful product management for us.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of yacht construction for series shipyards, we bring our entire knowledge of products, processes and industries to your projects.

Product management

Together with you, we define your products that are tailored to both your customers and your value streams. We bring our industry and product experience to your strategies and products throughout.

Project management

We provide end-to-end transparency in your projects, control your multi-project landscape and accompany you from the first idea through to series production.

Product development process

We define, optimize and supervise the product development process with you. From strategy through development and industrialization to the end of the life cycle, we bring consistent transparency and clarity to the processes.

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Expert Yacht Industry 

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