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2. Rethinking Work & Learning Conference

A Balancing Act for the Organization - the Meaning-Seeking Person Between Agile Work Concepts and the Desire for Stability.

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible." - Margaret Drabble ENGLISH NOVELIST, BIOGRAPHER AND CRITIC.

When we set the title for this year's Learning Conference earlier this year, it was not clear to us how explosive and dynamic the topic should be.

Especially in the corona pandemic, it was not always easy for us to see change processes as positively as Margaret Drabbel. After the first shock, we had to focus and get up to do damage limitation and thus understand even this change as a driving force.

The modern working world seems more unsafe than ever before. Hierarchies dissolve, work processes become more flexible, challenges become more complex. But now that we need creative, reflective collaboration and a collegial community the most, this is only possible to a limited extent or only virtually.

Celemi and [bu:st] share the experience of accompanying people on their path of change.

The 2nd Rethinking Work & Learning Conference take place as an Online-Event on September 16, 2020.



Norbert Leifeld, E-Mail: norbert.leifeld@bu-st.de 

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MetaIntegral comes to Munich!

In a world that is rapidly becoming ever more complex at a near exponential rate, never has the measurement of the impact we are having in the world been so important! And yet, never has it been so confusing and overwhelming as to where and how to begin… 

Now more than ever before, we have the opportunity to increase our impact beyond the financial growth orientation to work towards a future that supports wholeness and wellbeing in both human and ecological systems.

MetaIntegral works with so-called integral Key Progress Indicators (KPI's) in order to establish alternative value currencies in practice alongside classical economic money currencies. The "MetaImpact Framework" approach developed by MetaIntegral provides an integrated model that works with the relationship between four types of impact, ten types of capital, three types of data, a four-fold profit line of people, profit, planet and purpose.

Join MetaIntegral for a first-time opportunity in Europe to work with the innovative and field-proven approach developed in Silicon Valley and learn to design an integral KPI strategy for your organization or project and measure what matters.


In the one-day workshop on 15 January 2020 at our [bu:st]-office, Sean Esbjörn-Hargens (PhD), a global leader in the application of integrative thinking to leadership development, organizational design and mixed method design, and Claudia Meglin, Integral Systems Designer and certified Somatic Focalizing Coach, will introduce you to the most progressive value-economic model.


For more information visit: www.metaintegral.com

Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/81107240941



This event will organized together with five4success - our partner in the field of organisational development.


20 years [bu:st] Transformation - Change - Development.

20 years of enthusiasm - a success story.


Since 1999, the [bu:st] group has been offering professional project management, helping to make processes leaner, structures more flexible and organizations more agile. Our constantly growing team in Munich and the rest of the world develops better project management solutions together with our customers to make the challenges of the VUCA world manageable.


We are very pleased to have accompanied so many companies on their path to transformation over the past two decades. It fills us with pride and gratitude, that we have been working with some of our customers right from the beginning. This cooperation and many outstanding projects have continuously brought us forward and have shown us the way for our own transformation “from project managers to consultants, coaches and cultural designers”. 


We say "Thank you" for the cooperation, for the trust and the many exciting projects in the last 20 years and would like to celebrate the common success with you - for a whole year!  We’ll take you on a journey through 20 years of [buːst]-history, grant you every month exciting insights into the development of our organization and our methods as well as into our daily work - let us surprise you!


Last but not least, our thanks go to our current and former employees - without their enthusiasm and drive, this development would be unthinkable.


We look forward to shaping the next 20 years together with our customers!


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[bu:st] Remains Committed to Supporting Orphans in Togo

[bu:st] will continue to support the orphanage in Togo with donations in kind and cash. We believe that these children should be able to shape their lives with their own aspirations and strengths and we are very inspired to help create the necessary conditions for this.

In the orphanage run by Soeur Rosaline, the children receive food, community, medical care, and school lessons - in short: a home and education.


The [bu:st] group is certified!

Since February 2018 we are certified according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2013.


We are pleased that our existing processes in the area of security management, data security, and data protection have been successfully confirmed by DEKRA.


Joint venture "Digital Supply Chain Solutions" (DSCS GmbH)

A strategic cooperation of 3D printing and process management specialist [bu:st] GmbH, Andreas Schmid Logistik AG, and voxeljet AG. The company is based in Augsburg and was founded at the end of 2017.


Digital Supply Chain Solutions will focus its consulting activities on the realization of digital process chains in the manufacturing sector.

"By combining our core competencies of industrial 3D printing, supply chain management, and product life cycle management, we are able to create new potential for our customers. Digitalization of product development and production, use of additive manufacturing processes and suitable innovative logistics concepts will make disruptive business models possible,” says Dr. Andreas Lohner, Managing Director of [bu:st] GmbH.



[bu:st] got a new office!

Networked learning organizations need inspiration, communication, collaboration and last but not least SPACE… At [bu:st], the vision of task-oriented working in a networked learning organization is being practiced consistently.


Designed according to „Smart Workplace“, our new office space holds a multitude of possibilities and areas available for personal networking.Those are available to our employees and, of course, to our customers as well. 


You can find us here:

[bu:st] GmbH

Oskar-Schlemmer-Str. 3

80807 Munich



We look forward to hearing from you

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