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1999 – Today

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  • 07|2021

    Foundation of the [bu:st] group GmbH

    On July 1st, 2021 a new chapter in the company history of [bu:st] begins. For more than 20 years we have gained experience with different customers - [bu:st] automotive with OEMs and [ru:t] in the supplier industry. We are convinced that by integrating diverse perspectives we can meet complex challenges better and faster with innovative solutions. That is why we bring the two fields of experience together and freely say according to Aristotle: 1 + 1 is more than 2. The new [bu:st] group with more than 180 employees can now benefit even more from internal synergies and pass this added value on directly to its customers.

  • 12|2020

    Introduction of a new [bu:st] organizational design

    We are introducing a new organizational model that allows us to react flexibly and quickly to customer requirements while at the same time guaranteeing the stability of the organization. With the [bu:st] Tribe model, we have tailored a custom-fit design to the organizational body - precisely tailored to our corporate culture and the way we work together. The focus is still on our customers and employees, whose needs we can serve in balance thanks to the new, synergetic structures.

  • 04|2019

    1. RWLC – Rethink Work and Learning Conference

    The first Rethinking Work & Learning Conference will take place in Munich on April 4th, 2019. Around 70 invited guests - mostly decision-makers from large and medium-sized companies from all industries in Germany - heard inspiring keynotes and exciting insights into the great challenges and future requirements of the workplace and learning of the future.

  • 03|2017

    Move to new office

    Agile organizations need inspiration, communication, cooperation and, last but not least, space. At [bu:st], the vision of task-oriented work is consistently implemented in a networked, learning organization. In our new offices, which are designed in the spirit of a smart workplace, our employees - and of course our customers too - have numerous opportunities and places for personal networking.

  • 06|2013

    Expansion of the service portfolio to include process management and organizational development

    We develop methods and tools in project management, through which we offer an end-to-end solution in development processes - across processes and right through to operations. In addition to classic project management, the new services process management and organizational development are becoming an important success factor in our service portfolio.

  • 11|2011

    1st [bu:st] Campus

    The campus, a company-wide event for all employees, is a highlight of the year for us as an organization. The inspiring platform offers space to exchange ideas across teams, to reflect and to learn from one another. At the same time, we deal intensively with our own organizational development or technical innovations.

  • 08|2007

    Founding [bu:st] LLC

    For projects in North America we are founding our subsidiary [bu:st] LLC in Greenville, SC. We accompanied an initial vehicle ramp-up project on site at the plant.

  • 06|2005

    Founding [bu:st] automotive GmbH & [ru:t] GmbH

    With the founding of [bu:st] automotive GmbH and [ru:t] GmbH, we set the starting point for successful customer projects - at OEMs and in the supplier industry.

  • 11|1999

    1st project

    Our first project takes us into the automotive industry. We are allowed to support a project in the field of bodywork and lead it to the goal.

  • 10|1999

    Founding [bu:st] GmbH

    The starting point of a journey - Dr. Andreas Lohner & Tim Sievers found the [bu:st] GmbH.

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