Bu-st Employee Journey

Employee Journey

The journey through our company

The qualification and career opportunities at [bu:st] offer individual perspectives - far beyond project management!

[bu:st] Career Opportunities

From induction to senior consultant, we provide you with in-depth training in classic and agile project management. You will learn the basics of process management and organizational development and gain experience in challenging customer projects from day 1 before you can decide individually on a specialist or coach orientation. 


[bu:st] Employee Qualification

Leadership competence is an integral part of our qualification process.

Leadership training is important from the very beginning! You learn to manage and lead yourself, the customer and, if necessary, a team later on.

With customized trainings supported by external specialists we accompany you on your Employee Journey to your Personal Mastery!


Successful qualification begins with induction! Our structured induction is based on experienced supervisors and an extensive training landscape..

  • Onboarding program includes:

    Mentoring program Intensive training in the first three months Training cockpit with learning questions Internal accenptance date

  • Trainining program includes:

    Service Aspects: project management, process management and organizational development topics Human Aspects: general and custom soft skill training with external trainers

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Be the Difference in a Complex Reality

Whether you are Luke Skywalker protecting the force in distant galaxies or Luis working with Tier 1 automotive OEMs, your journey is going to be adventurous and full of obstacles and successes.

[bu:st] Akteur

„After graduation, I thought the most exciting time was over, but at [bu:st] I feel like the adventure is just beginning!”

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